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Board of Directors – 2015-2016 Season

Richard Jones • President & Treasurer
Jason Byassee • Member at Large
Jonathan Chan • Member at Large
Steffen Janzen • Member at Large
Nova Leaf • Member at Large
Jim Martens • Member at Large
Suzanne Mogan • Member at Large
Diane Tucker • Member at Large
Brent Unrau • Member at Large
Ian Farthing • Artist Advisor
Katharine Venour • Artist Advisor
Kaitlin Williams • Artist Advisor
Tom Pickett • Artistic Advisor

Season Apprentices – 2015-2016 Season

Every season we gather a new group of new theatre graduates into our midst as season apprentices. Our apprentices are all graduates from theatre training programs, on the verge of launching their professional careers. The apprenticeship program is part mentorship, part creative residency, allowing these fledgling artists a place to grow their craft, experiment, create, and try new roles in a professional environment, all while making valuable industry connections.

Mariam Barry

I was born in New York City into a family that holds an unparalleled love for travel; and so my parents’ immense wanderlust gave my siblings and I the incomparable experience of a diverse childhood abroad. This, in turn, gave way to the multiplicity of landscapes and languages that shape my identity. I grew up internationally; in Germany, Norway, Switzerland and The Netherlands before packing up, yet again, four years ago to move to unceded Coast Salish territories in B.C., Canada, where I now live as a guest. In essence, this rich history of relocation makes me a textbook Third Culture Kid, which is to say, I am a person who has spent a significant part of my developmental years outside of my parent’s passport country. The effect is that I habit a third culture which is a unique blend of the cultures of all my host countries and parental ones. This, coupled with my larger identity as a mixed race woman with a Norwegian mother and Gambian father, frames my intimate connection to stories of home, belonging, and diaspora.

Charissa Hurt

Charissa is thrilled to be joining the PT family as an apprentice! From Surrey, Charissa loves the ocean, cats, chocolate, and murder mysteries. She holds a BA in Theatre and English from Trinity Western University and an MA in Arts Management (specialization in Performing Arts Management) with a certificate in non-profit Management from the University of Oregon. Her favourite Literary periods include the Victorian and Romantic eras. Recently, Charissa has interned with Artslandia Vancouver, Pi Theatre, and Oregon Contemporary Theatre. As an administrative apprentice, Charissa is excited to further her interests in development and marketing. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of Fugue Theatre.

Jalen Saip

Jalen is an avid whistler. Her other passions include theatre, music, photography, improv comedy, softball and lounging. Jalen is married to a most wonderful gent who just happens to be a celebrated performer and sound designer in Vancouver… he can also whistle.

Although she hails from the sunny shores of Tsawwassen, BC, Jalen has lived in many different places and worked in many different roles. From Hope to Calgary, Estevan to Annecy (France), Jalen has worked in Assisted Living, Human Resources, Camp Programming/Leading, and, most enjoyably, as a Kindergarten TA.

It is with great joy that Jalen is able to turn her attention and efforts toward performance as an acting apprentice this coming year with Pacific Theatre.

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