2010 – 2011 Season


Sept. 24 — Oct. 16

The Busy World Is Hushed

by Keith Bunin

What’s the use of loving someone when it isn’t nearly enough to save them?

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Nov. 5 — 27


by Athol Fugard

Forgive me or kill me. That’s the choice you have.

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Dec. 10 — Jan. 1

Christmas On The Air

by Lucia Frangione

Snuggle up to the fire, sit back and listen…

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Jan. 28 — Feb. 26

My Name Is Asher Lev

by Aaron Posner

It is absurd to apologize for a Mystery.

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Mar. 11 — Apr. 2

Jesus Hopped The “A” Train

by Stephen Adly Guirgis

How many sons of god you know drive a Lexus?

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Apr. 6 — 16

Jake’s Gift

by Julia Mackey

We joined ’cause we’d get hot meals, a trip to Europe and a shiny pair of boots.

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May 20 — Jun. 18

The Great Divorce

adapted from the novel by C.S. Lewis by George Drance & The Magis Theatre

If there is one wee spark under all these ashes, we’ll blow it till the whole pile is red and clear.

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Artistic Director's Series

Dec. 14, 17–20 at 8pm

Christmas Presence 2010

by Pacific Theatre

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Apr. 29 & 30

Side Show

by Pacific Theatre

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Jan. 8 & Jun. 25

Music At Pacific

by Pacific Theatre

Chamber music ensemble, presents a series of intimate concerts connected to the themes, characters, and settings of the season’s plays.

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