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May. 13, 2012

1:38 AM


My girlfriend and I went and saw this show last Thursday night and I wanted to come on here to give some much deserved praise toward the entire production.

First of all I should say that neither of us are Christian or Catholic (my girlfriend is actually Heathen!) and going into the show (first time ever going to the Pacific Theater in general, actually!) we had no real idea that a lot of the productions there are often based around religion and the theater itself is actually attached to a Church. We like to think of ourselves as pretty open minded and merely thought this was interesting going into the show – we basically went in with no expectations and boy were we PLEASANTLY surprised.

This show was excellent. Quite often hilarious, mixed with a wonderful sense of heartfelt sentiment that had us both very nearly wiping away tears on several occasions. I even walked away from the play with a big lump in my chest, a feeling like I was just hit over the head with a flood of positive emotion and well… sweet joy.

One thing in particular that we were very pleased by was the LACK of it being even remotely “preachy.” Yes, it’s a story that revolves around a priest and touches on homosexuality in the Church (and in a very positive way, we thought, which was really refreshing)… but more than that it was simply a wonderful little story with a fantastic cast – especially kudos to Rebecca deBoer for effortlessly playing the lead role and being absolutely believable, as well as Chris Lam and Kerri Norris for holding up a lot of the best comedy bits throughout. Joel Stephanson as the disillusioned priest was also quite good in his own right, very believable and one particular monologue of his near the mid-way point had me glued to his every word. Last but not least we also have Katherine Gauthier as the rebellious teenager and she too did a fine job with the character, being both believable and often jumping effortlessly between being hilarious & touching.

I don’t want to give too much away about the story, but I’ll just say it’s probably not quite what you’d expect and has a couple pretty surprising moments that throw the story into wildly different directions. I suppose any good play does this and this one is no different.

I’ll leave it at that for now and end by saying Thank-You Pacific Theater – you’ve made yourself two new fans and we are both very much looking forward to seeing The Last Days of Judas Iscariot next month.


May. 14, 2012

3:32 PM

Very well acted, very thoughtful play
I so enjoyed it!

Ruth Mathewson

May. 23, 2012

1:50 PM

Loved, loved this play! It confirmed the overarching biblical story that God’s saints are found amongst unlikely people in unlikely places — people like us!

Renee Bucciareli

May. 23, 2012

5:41 PM

Thank you, Pacific Theatre and company for this wonderful gem of a production! The deceptively unassuming, complex and deeply human portrayals by this fantastic ensemble moved me deeply. Amazing, graceful work.

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