• Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm, Saturday matinees at 2pm

Special Showings

  • Pay-what-you-can preview: Thursday, Dec 1
  • Artist talkback: Friday, Dec 9
  • Added matinees: Tuesday, Dec 27, Wednesday, Dec 28
  • No performance Saturday, Dec 24

Reviews — 8 Open

Jim Miller

Dec. 7, 2011

3:50 PM

As usual an excellent performance by Ron. The fiddler blended in very well. Even my teenage son loved the play. The set was perfect and reminded me of the good old days. The bells were a little freaky but added to the overall atmosphere. I would highly recommend seeing this perfect Christmas play.

Ruth Mathewson

Dec. 12, 2011

6:46 PM

Loved The Christmas Carol! Ron Reed was outstanding!

Jim Burkinshaw

Dec. 17, 2011

12:57 AM

An absolutely riveting performance by Ron Reed! And I have to add “as usual”, which makes the whole performance all the more amazing. You do it every time Ron. We love PT for all the emotion, discussion and reflection it provokes.

Thank you Rhema Health Foods for supporting such a treasure in our city.

Darlene Lynch

Dec. 29, 2011

9:36 PM

If you get a chance …this really is a must see!

Christmas treasure performance; riveting & brilliant…

Al Reimer

Jan. 2, 2012

5:18 PM

Well written, innovative, and wonderfully played; ranks with the best live theatre I’ve seen, here or in London. I brought 6 people and this opinion same was unanimous amongst us all. Well done, Ron.

Ross Montgomery

Jan. 2, 2012

6:04 PM

Absolutely fabulous. We didn’t know how two people could do the Christmas Carol. Ron Reed was as great as always. The way he could play all the characters when the play has so many was fantastic. We love the Pacific Theatre productions. This one was up to the usual high standards.

Tanya Miller

Jan. 7, 2012

11:42 AM

Well done!
A little apprehensive in the beginning when we learned it was a one-man show, but the performance (and accompanying music) blew our minds!!! Very, very pleased.

David SIms

Jan. 23, 2012

7:06 PM

Four of us saw the play and all enjoyed it. Ron Reed’s take on the story brought out unfamiliar dialog and aspects of the Dickens original.

However, having the Fiddler carry in a stuffed monkey as the Ghost of Christmas Past was a mistake. Very weak, and I heard other patrons make the same comment. How can it inspire dread when you can’t even see what it is? I would suggest carrying a black hooded mask and a black draped dummy arm with a finger pointing.

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