• Wednesday-Saturday 8pm, Saturday 2pm
  • Running time: 145 mins with 15 min intermission (approximately)

Special Showings

  • Pay-What-You-Can Preview: Thursday, September 19th
  • Artist Talkback: Friday, September 27th
  • Subscriber Appreciation Saturday: Saturday, September 21st
  • Theatre Club: Saturday, September 28th

Reviews — 12 Open


Sep. 23, 2013

4:28 PM

The Foreigner was flawlessly executed with campy humour that left the bathrooms clogged with people needing to avoid peeing themselves. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the humour was tip-top, it was clean and funnier than anything I have seen in a long-time.

Along with the humour, these characters had to face change that was unexpected. The Foreigner thought he has lackluster personality and the other players were faced with life-changing decisions of the negative kind. This lone person in their midst awakened things that had gone cold within.

Wear comfortable clothes because every bit of you will wiggle and wriggle with laughter. I recommend it thoroughly!

Cindy McPherson

Sep. 24, 2013

9:01 AM

Fabulous production! Having previously seen the Foreigner, it still makes me laugh. The deeper themes of prejudice and fraud, dignity and respect continue to resonate. The set was amazing – stairs, fireplace, bookshelves teleported the audience to the declining southern inn. The cast chemistry heightened the entertainment. Erla Faye brings warmth and enthusiasm to Betty. Kaitlin brings realism to Catherine. My guest loved Ellard’s sensitive portrayal by Peter. We both loved John Voth’s Charlie. I could go on but you need to go online and book tickets before they sell out. I will be going again.

Denise Mahoney

Oct. 1, 2013

1:18 PM

The Foreigner was pure, delightful entertainment. Thank you for such a great play, great writing and great performance. I enjoyed all the actors, especially the foreigner and the old lady….what a great evening!

Jan Quiring

Oct. 1, 2013

6:09 PM

I left Friday’s performance with a headache ,,, a laughing headache, that is. Absolutely the funniest play I’ve ever seen. Fantastic endorphin release!

Carol P. Anderson

Oct. 1, 2013

6:10 PM

Truth colliding with hypocrisy to the thunder of laughter.

Paul Birch

Oct. 1, 2013

8:55 PM

The most utterly charming cast! I wanted to take them all home with me to get to know them even better. The wit of the play and the performances was a perfect sugar-coating for some serious lessons about prejudice, self-confidence, and honesty. It was a total delight to be in the audience.

Anne-Marie Epp

Oct. 2, 2013

11:45 AM

What a splendid theatre experience! While my fellow subscribers and I often prefer the dramas, this comedy was wonderful: warm, witty, well-acted, with little kernels of wisdom worth gnawing, and of course–that magnificent comedic payoff on the staircase (Am I saying too much?)
Many thanks!

Anne Mak

Oct. 5, 2013

6:41 AM

I am usually easily distracted, and live a life bouncing from one thing to the next, but watching the foreigner last night I felt I was in a home in Georgia living the events that occurred in that space. You know the feeling at a movie theatre when you forget where you are? That was what it was like.
And if you want to laugh a lot – without being self-conscious of laughing – this is the place to be.
Oh, one last thing, I woke early this morning with the image of an apple in my mind….(see the show, it will make sense).

Tony Schmidt

Oct. 15, 2013

3:49 PM

The foreigner was an excellent play and the actors were all excellent without exception! A thoroughly enjoyable “date”!

Edward Epp

Oct. 15, 2013

4:45 PM

Response about the foreigner I’m sure had to be very possitive about the humour and the acting Thank you for featuring this very funny and entertaining stage event


Oct. 15, 2013

6:53 PM

My wife and I loved that production of “The Foreigner”….however, there were times I was unable to understand the dialogue of the old lady…some of her phrase endings dropped in tone making it difficult for me to understand…..also, a packed theatre could use a fan or two for air movement… was well done and I got most of the humor when I understood the words spoken, Thank you!


Oct. 16, 2013

7:42 AM

Well done. Well acted and well executed

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