• Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm with 2pm matinees Saturdays
  • Running time: approximately 140 mins with two 10 minute intermissions

Special Showings

  • Oct 9: Pay-What-You-Can Preview
  • Oct 11: Subscriber Appreciation Saturday (following matinee)
  • Oct 17: Artist Talkback
  • Oct 18: Theatre Club (following matinee)

Reviews — 26 Open

Shannon Bell

Oct. 14, 2014

3:42 PM

I LOVED the Rainmaker! It was funny without being ridiculous. It had believable characters whom all blended well together. The casting was great and the set simple, yet flexible. It was wonderful to leave the theatre feeling so positive with a good dose of hope on top!

Pat Schmidt

Oct. 14, 2014

3:44 PM

We so enjoyed the Rainmaker. It was excellently acted and a very good and gripping story. Thanks!


Oct. 14, 2014

3:56 PM

I loved this play. Initially, I thought it would be too long, but I was wrong. There was never a dull minute and my attention was fully engaged. Glad I saw it.

Anne-Marie Epp

Oct. 14, 2014

4:22 PM

A magnificent production of a brilliant classic. I had forgotten the depth of perception and emotion the script contains. The actors conveyed these qualities with tender strength.

P. Slater

Oct. 15, 2014

1:33 AM

I think this was probably the best show I have seen in the last 3 yrs. The casting was great. The staging was clever and the props rather authentic. Thank you team for a wonderful evening

Beatrice VanderBos

Oct. 15, 2014

1:18 PM

It was good to enter their lives entering a drought stricken farm and their survival, and then see the struggle that Lizzie faced along with a caring father a caring yet adolescent brother while the other brother handled family members like he ran the ranch. Very intriguing to watch family dynamics.

Kenneth C.

Oct. 18, 2014

12:15 PM

The Rainmaker is such a fine production in the most perfect of venues. I really enjoy the intimacy of the Pacific Theatre. The set is solidly effective. The squeaky screen door, the dusty/dirty floors. The room was indeed a bit on the warm side, but heck, we were in a drought. Everything about the set was just perfectly considered and placed. The music fit into the production with precision. I found the story itself to be powerful — although I could imagine that the actual impact and interpretation of the story might vary from person to person. I’ll also admit that I had a few tears at the end. And, as perhaps the most critical element of any theatrical work, this production is superbly cast with amazingly talented actors. Each of them should be very proud of their hard work in entertaining us theatre-goers so well. As perhaps my highest form of compliment – I am returning to see this same production again this week. Very, very well done folks.

Ellie O'Day

Oct. 21, 2014

4:31 PM

I grew up with the classic ’50s film, so just had to revisit this story. Despite the setting in time and place, it’s such a universal story / struggle with families, self-image, and dreams. A beautiful production, and every role was strong. I’m glad Ron Reed couldn’t let this story go, either.

Ruth Mathewson

Oct. 21, 2014

5:16 PM

We really really really enjoyed “The Rainmaker.” The actors portrayed family / friendship relationships in authentic, thoughtful and thought-provoking ways – this play made us think of The Two Lost Sons (Luke 15). And it was entertaining and humorous, to boot!


Oct. 21, 2014

9:54 PM

Wonderful script. Wonderfully acted. Wonderfully directed. Thank you! I really enjoyed the story and the acting. Good job! So glad I got to see it!


Oct. 21, 2014

10:30 PM

What a beautiful script and what a compelling set of characters! A sacrificial father who is unappreciated, a hardworking son who is unsuccessful, an idealistic son who is unaware, and an intelligent daughter who is unbelieving – I found myself emotionally invested in the fate of each of the characters. None of them were mere plot devices for the character development of the others, but each of their lives intertwined in wonderfully messy and memorable ways. Anybody who has felt that living with their family is impossible or that living for a better future is unbelievable will be refreshed by the Rainmaker.

Lorena Grande

Oct. 23, 2014

3:15 PM

What a surprise this play turned out to be. I never imagined 2 1/2 hours of a play could be so engaging, humorous and charming. I went to this play as a Matinee anticipating it would be shorter as a matinee, and told my friend that I may have to pace…..a bit due to the length. I laughed so hard, and continuously, that the time flew by. I haven’t enjoyed a play so much in a long time. I believe this play gives us hope and reminds us the importance of this as well as having dreams. Bravo to all those involved in putting on “The Rainmaker.” I’ve recommended it to everyone. Thank you for such an enjoyable afternoon.


Oct. 28, 2014

1:18 PM

Excellent play. The 140 minutes flew by! The talented cast combined with a dynamic script commanded the audience attention throughout the performance. Perfect dose of down-to-earth humor to keep the story grounded and interesting. I have not seen a better sow in years! If it was not ending this weekend, I would recommend it to everyone I know to go and see…


Oct. 28, 2014

1:29 PM

I saw the musical version of this play fifty-one years ago on Broadway in New York — “110 in the Shade”. It was unforgettably entertaining. However, this production touched my heart more deeply with its poignant realism. Haven’t we all been in the place of these family members? Self-doubt, desperation, criticism, and frustration are all too human characteristics that we live with. To see people emerge from these shackles is such a blessing that the final coming of rain was merely incidental. Starbuck had already been vindicated.
Thank you for such a soul-scouring presentation.

Colleen Giddings

Oct. 28, 2014

2:16 PM

Excellent show! Strong, credible characters, beautifully directed. Highly recommend this production!

joan Ferguson

Oct. 28, 2014

3:01 PM

Excellent show – so predictable and yet it did not drag for one minute – impressed with the acting and the production – a very entertaining evenig.Bravo!

Elaine Breaks

Oct. 28, 2014

5:47 PM

An excellent play with a very good cast of actors. My husband and I enjoyed every minute of it. Very poignant.
This little theatre puts on excellent plays. Thank you.


Oct. 29, 2014

7:36 PM

Fabulous entertainment…. great show with an amazing cast of actors. I was impressed with the creative changing of the sets… 4 star credits to the stage manager. I have recommended ‘The Rainmaker’ to many friends. This is a feel good show. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

G. Thompson

Oct. 30, 2014

11:46 AM

The acting was outstanding in The Rainmaker. As the inner feelings of most actors changed substantially as the story progressed, the actors convinced me of their new realizations and feelings. They also did the humorous parts well.

Praise goes to the playwright because he embraced the topic of the feelings of the ‘ugly woman’, where few writers ever go. He portrayed Lizzie’s vulnerabilities and inner strengths, as she overcame her sadness, frustration and exclusion from society. However he didn’t go as far as asking her who she was. Until the 1980′s, society rarely cared about what a woman wanted in life; it focussed on how well women accommodated what men wanted.

A significant weakness in this play is that this Lizzie is too beautiful to plausibly convey the plight of the ‘ugly woman’. An interesting sociological experiment would be to cast a truly ‘plain’ woman in the role and measure the audience response.

Dennis Fishbook

Nov. 3, 2014

6:37 AM

Fun, funny, engaging, thought-provoking. It reflected many
of our own family disfunctions, but left one feeling hopeful with
a vision of possibilities. Thankyou…


Nov. 3, 2014

4:45 PM

From the opening soliloquy on, I was entranced. The characters were real people living out a real story and I cared about all of them. The acting was outstanding and the play was exceptional. Thanks for putting on such a wonderful play!

Anita Thompson

Nov. 3, 2014

6:35 PM

W-O-W! Amazing play, amazing cast, full of mirth and heavy moments that make you think about how viewpoints in the past affect decisions in the present and future! The Rain Maker scores again with another hit. If you have never attended Pacific theatre, you have missed out on one of the best little theatre groups in the lower mainland, perhaps even Canada-wide.Do yourself a favour and catch the next production at PT.

Paul Thiessen

Nov. 3, 2014

10:20 PM

Having grown up in southern Alberta, we resonated with the prairie setting and the evocation of heat and drought. It was a satisfying play in every way, with a powerful story, superb cast and strong acting. The minimalist staging was highly effective. We came away quietly reflective and feeling we had been thoroughly entertained


Nov. 4, 2014

1:21 AM

What a wonderful show!I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was so impressed with all of the actors.They did a remarkable job of making the audience care about each of the characters with all of their human flaws and strengths.The whole production was top-notch(acting,set,music,lighting,costumes).A couple of friends also saw it before it finished its run on my recommendation and they loved it too.PS-The Foreigner was also excellent!

Serena McQuade

Nov. 4, 2014

9:55 AM

An excellent, very entertaining evening……terrific story, amazing acting, even the stage hands were remarkably efficient….wonderful combination of drama, comedy and romance…well done Pacific Theatre


Nov. 7, 2014

7:10 PM

i think i enjoyed this show the most out of any i attended. i was laughing so much and even though it was long with two breaks it didn’t feel long. the young blonde guy was especially good – I found out later that he just apprenticed. Wow, bright future! Good job PT!

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