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Reviews — 19 Open

A & L Peters

Feb. 2, 2016

2:19 PM

A tough play to write- she did well. Good acting. Again we get disgusted when language like the f word is used.. It really does not add to the story. There are more appropriate strong words that can be used We are long time subscribers We want Ron to read this .

Joanne Treacy

Feb. 2, 2016

3:11 PM

We loved this play! It was beautifully written and wonderfully acted. We were NOT expecting the plot to unfold as it did, which was a terrific surprise. At numerous times during the production, I thought to myself how well the playwrite had hit the nail on the head in terms of expressing common human thoughts, emotions and experiences. Raw with emotion and still humorous. Great to see Rebecca back! Loved seeing actors from one of our all-time favorites (“Jesus Hopped the A-Train”) back on the stage. We felt privileged to be one of the first people to see such a fantastic NEW play performed before an audience. One of our favorites from the last while!


Feb. 2, 2016

4:38 PM

A fine play, with splendid performances. All four of us in my group were engaged and moved.


Feb. 2, 2016

11:57 PM

I thought the play was well-written and entertaining. The acting was very good, the characters convincing.. I especially liked the younger sister. I didn’t get the feeling that anyone was truly grieving the loss of the father though. It would have been good to have this youngest daughter (who is usually the most spoiled by a father) show some sorrow or sadness about his death. I didn’t think very many characters had much at stake, so I didn’t care very much what happened to them or what the outcome would be, which is good, because it was a predictably schmaltzy ending — didn’t feel genuine to me. . Most of all, I hated that one female character called another one the C word. They did this in August: Osage County — which made me hate the play and film.and made me think this was a bit of a copy. Do real women use this language against each other? After they have had an affair with the woman’s husband? Nasty person. But isn’t that nice that her family still loved her at the end. Yeah….kind of ruined it for me. . My friend said this: “Was it a good play? Yes. Did I care? No.”. I had to agree. Entertaining, yes, but nothing profound about it.No theme or thought to take home.

Jackie shields

Feb. 4, 2016

10:20 AM

We were looking for a mid week activity to do and came across tickets for this play, it’s funny i’ve said my whole life that plays, musicals etc aren’t for me, but i thought ok let’s have a try.
Let’s just say now i’ll be giving plays another chance!
I thought this was fantastic, the stage layout is amazing, the little details from making coffee, cleaning up spillages on the floor, it really draws you into the scenes.
It was funny, witty, tongue in cheek. I feel all characters played their part well. Shauna Johannesen, what a talented lady. I loved that at the beginning of the play she looked pretty & elegant, but as the plot unthickened of her rollercoaster life, she actually looked like she was mentally drained by the end of the show. Honestly this actress and playwriter is extremely talented, I wish her the best in her career and will keep an eye out for her in future. She was so good I was crying my eyes out, i guess i’ve felt like i’ve been having a quarter life crisis of recent(lol) i could see a lot of my emotions in her character, it was touching. My boyfriend and myself thought she was amazing.
We also really liked Pastor Dan, he was very real feeling too, his character wasn’t a huge part but he was witty throughout the play.
Some of the lines in the play were extremely touching, i don’t want to give too much away, let’s just say sometimes in life you want to be told you’re not a bad person & that you’re still loved. I liked that it conveyed that in it’s message.
I’ve read reviews about swearing quite a bit in the play, as i’m scottish and that’s pretty much how we communicate in non heated and heated situations, completely didn’t bother me, it didn’t bother my canadian boyfriend etheir. I think the swearing made it feel more real, it didn’t take anything from the play i’d say it added more, in real life scenerios people swear. It was actually refreshing to see such life like scenes acted out with such fire and passion. I liked it. Vancouverites, so easily offended, Lol. I’d like Ron to read this :-)
Excellent play, would highly recommend! Also the theatre staff were very sweet and helpful. What a lovely evening we had, thank you :-)

Brendan & Karen

Feb. 4, 2016

11:21 AM

Really enjoyed the play . My wife and I sat in the front row
and felt like we were also in the kitchen with the performers . Funny , raw & intense . A rollercoaster of emotions .

Kathy Booth

Feb. 5, 2016

12:34 AM

We found the play extremely engaging and realistic.
I found the openness of the dialogue between the characters refreshing in it’s raw honesty. So often we think the things these characters had the courage to voice.
It was very interesting to observe all the different roles family members play and I think everyone would be able to identify with someone in the play.
As always when we see a play at Pacific Theatre we want to discuss it with others….wish there was an opportunity to do that in the lobby every time. Thanks for always making us think….not just be “entertained.”

Kate Wright

Feb. 5, 2016

1:25 PM

Wonderful tight script arousing laughter and crying, dealing with true-to-life family relationships. Well acted as usual.

The Morgan Family

Feb. 8, 2016

6:49 PM

Common Grace was a whirlwind of emotion, in the best way. We were so impressed with how this play tugged on our heart strings, left us teary eyed, in fits of laughter while also pushed us to ponder life and loss. Amazing acting all around. This is a must see play! Way to go Shauna!

Esther Hizsa

Feb. 8, 2016

7:30 PM

I loved so much about Common Grace: the real kitchen (with running water, stairs that squeaked, and a door that slammed… many times!), the characters and the actors that made them real, the dialogue, the timing, the intensity, and the humour. I loved it all, but mostly I loved the story. For days afterwards, it kept unfolding and speaking about life and grace and God.

Steve M

Feb. 9, 2016

4:56 PM

Great, great GREAT! I hope the cast & crew realize that we were just too emotional to stand up for an ovation at the end of Saturday night’s performance. It was such a high level production, the writing amazing. Very moving. Thanks.


Feb. 9, 2016

5:06 PM

Well acted. Funny and touching by turns. Loved most of it but the ending was too pat. Too much of a turn around.
Dan’s scenes very well done.

joan ferguson

Feb. 9, 2016

5:48 PM

I thought this was an excellent production – there was never a lagging moment.I felt every actor performed superbly – a true to life story – the young woman who became involved with a married man ostracized and dealt with harshly,the wayward
husband never critized.I recommended it to several.


Feb. 9, 2016

5:49 PM

I thought this was an excellent performance. Great staging, acting, and portrayal of true-to-life family issues. I’m 68 years old and was not offended by the language. Swearing is how many people express themselves when under great stress and emotionally tense life situations. Another great production, PT!


Feb. 9, 2016

9:06 PM

The dynamics of relationship that can take place in families, especially with three daughters, is brought to such humourous light in this wonderful play.

I laughed and chatted with my husband about the nature of family, the difficulty in relationship in family, and the love and caring that we find so very, very, difficult to show to one another. How ironic is that!

The set was terrific.

Thank you.

Susan Alexander

Feb. 9, 2016

10:38 PM

Kudos to Shauna Johannessen – brand new play! I loved it – found it deeply moving and real. I love a play that can make me laugh and make me cry. I enjoyed all the themes at work – how self centred we all are, how lonely, how unappreciated and unseen we feel. How love and grief can drive us into such self destructive places with food and alcohol and sex. Great ensemble acting. I thought the play was well structured, great timing and dialogue. I had no trouble with the coarse language. It was necessary. If I had any critique it would be that the youngest sister was a bit undeveloped – maybe a lost opportunity there. She could have “used” food like the others were drinking. Also I was not convinced by the drinking and eating – the actors didn’t seemed to “need” it the way a real drinker does. Overall though a really wonderful show.

Peter B

Feb. 10, 2016

12:55 PM

Common Grace is a great play and, as always, thought provoking. I loved the stage, a complete kitchen with running water and real coffee! The acting was superb. The play was realistic in every way. The language was raw, but realistic, as one would expect in these emotional, angry scenes. I hope nobody noticed me wiping my eyes a few times.

Beatrice VanderBos

Feb. 10, 2016

3:23 PM

An excellent performance watching a family who speaks their mind yet offers some intent to assist the other.
It finally comes to the breaking point of the one who had felt the pain and withdrawal of family while coping with her own personal pain. She had gone to her father who previously had been her solace and now he was dead. Was there no solace her? With heart rending brokenness she reveals her pain and the reason for her moving away from home to the city of Edmonton. Common grace is received after her broken heart’s exposure.
Despite broken yet attempted helpful endeavors common grace does comes. It’s the common grace that we all need. Well performed, one I will remember.


Feb. 10, 2016

6:13 PM

Common Grace touched my heart in so many ways. I had no idea what I was coming to see was going to be so heart opening. I felt with everyone of those characters. I saw myself in all of them. They were all amazing.
To be able to hold such a space and create this magic all within one setting is truly remarkable! I loved this play ever so much!

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