• Performances Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm with 2pm Saturday matinees
  • Running Time: 90 minutes

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  • Pay-What-You-Can Preview: Thursday, March 31
  • Artist Talkback: Friday, April 8

Reviews — 9 Open


Apr. 4, 2016

2:41 PM

Terrible play, was very disappointed! Have no idea what the meaning behind it was, I’m sure there must’ve been one but it definitely went over my head! Once again very disappointed. Found it very depressing also.

Denise Unrau

Apr. 5, 2016

6:07 PM

Best play of the season! The dressing and undressing was clever, holding my attention, the music between the scenes set the mood perfectly, and there were a number of lines that made me want to say, “Pause, please. I need to think about that line” An example is when Kaileen tells her friend that in the ten best moments of her life, he’s been in every one of them.
I also believed the characters in all their ages because of the great acting, which just got better and better as the play
Above all, I was moved to think about how wounds, both inside and outside, are healed when we offer a loving touch and a faithful presence even in the midst of our own deep brokenness.

Lydia Peters

Apr. 5, 2016

6:44 PM

Did not enjoy the play, coarse language unnecessary, why the half nudity, not enriching, woman’s voice was to quiet, didn’t always hear her, missed the point as a result, put me over the edge, will not renew my subscription. Have been a subscriber for a number of years and the plays are becoming more and more unacceptable for a faith based theatre group.

simon webb

Apr. 7, 2016

9:09 PM

I’m completely with Denise.

Karl Petersen

Apr. 10, 2016

7:52 AM

Call me morbid, but the title drew me. Call me contrary and impish, but when I heard somebody canceled their season subscription because of this play, I flew to it. (That kind of reaction usually means I’ll like it.) And I was further intrigued when I heard the play wasn’t story-driven. True, it’s not, it’s relationship-driven though there is a story that you get in mostly digestible bites. There is one bite that ends with… well, you better see it.
I loved the play’s snapshot structure, the deeply flawed but loveable characters, the span of shared personal history, and the humor, though I did get light-headed at one point. The wardrobe scene changes were just brilliant.
We’re often fed the belief that love from flawed and damaged people cannot be trusted; this play should give us a second thought. It’s a play about two broken angels who show us the power of a shared history and an unrelenting love. In a culture (like Vancouver) where steadfast love is considered passe and impractical, where relationships are swapped faster than the next latte flavor, this play is worth its weight in gold.


Apr. 11, 2016

10:45 PM

We loved it! The staging was amazing and both actors quite remarkable in their portrayal of 2 characters who lived their lives on the edge of their emotional issues. This play proves why live theatre is even better than films!

Brendan & Karen

Apr. 12, 2016

9:35 AM

I’ve found myself surprised by some of the very negative reviews that I’ve read . My wife and I have been coming to the Pacific Theatre the last couple of years and have really enjoyed the plays that we have seen .

Life can be happy , sad , shocking and disturbing . I’ve been neither surprised or offended by the subject matter of the shows we’ve seen because this is the kind of thought provoking theatre we have searched to support .

I believe that the Pacific Theatre does a good job of warning people in advance of what to expect when attending one of their shows . If I want to see Mary Poppins, I will go see Mary Poppins .

Please don’t change anything , we love what you are doing.

Brendan & Karen

Esther Hizsa

Apr. 12, 2016

1:06 PM

Thank you. Thank you to PT and everyone who put on this play. Nearly every week I hang out with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Similar language. Similar stories. Messy, painful lives and in the midst of them, there is care and love for others that is literally life giving. I am so glad PT has honoured the way God is working in the lives of these saints. It is no small achievement for them to add another year to their lives. And when they do. I am blessed.

I really appreciated this play for many reasons that Denise mentioned above. Thanks, Denise. One of my favourite lines was when Kayleen says something like “your family are so good to me… as if they know nothing about me, as if they know everything.” That is God right there. And there again in the loving rage, the ten best moments, the wanting to touch our injuries.


Apr. 18, 2016

4:46 PM

This was an incredible production in every way! I am in awe of the talent that created this unique show.

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