2017 – 2018 Season


Sept 15-Oct 7

The Christians

Lucas Hnath

With one sentence Paul overturns one of the most sacred tenets of his church’s beliefs, sending his congregation reeling towards schism.

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Oct 20-Nov 11

The Lonesome West

by Martin McDonagh

Brothers Coleman and Valene can’t seem to co-exist without sudden outbreaks of violence over the pettiest concerns, even as they seek reconciliation with each other.

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Nov 24-Dec16

Almost, Maine

by John Cariani

A charming, almost-magical tapestry of the joys and perils of romance, set in one night in a small town in Maine.

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Dec 19-23
Valley: Dec 17

Christmas Presence 2017

Pacific Theatre’s favourite holiday tradition.

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Feb 2-Feb 17


by Lynn Nottage

Mama Nadi’s bar both protects and profits off the bodies of the women who have become casualties of a long and brutal civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Feb 21-Mar 3

An Almost Holy Picture

by Heather McDonald

Samuel Gentle has heard God’s voice three times in his life, but he has yet to find understanding or peace.

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Mar 23-Apr 14

Bar Mitzvah Boy

by Mark Leiren-Young

What begins as a simple item on a to-do list becomes a deep immersion in the necessity of faith, and the meaning behind rituals.

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May 11-June 9


by Ron Reed

Over thirty years, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis pushed each others’ imaginations, faith, and curiosity, growing together – and eventually growing apart.

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Artistic Director's Series

Oct 29 at 2pm

Written on the Heart

by David Edgar

A one-day-only reading of the historical drama about the formation of the King James Bible.

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April 20 & 21

Sideshow Comedy Improv

Pacific Theatre’s annual romp through the halls of improve comedy.

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