• Weds-Sat at 8pm with 2pm Sat matinees
  • Running Time: approx. 135 mins with one 15-minute intermission

Special Showings

  • Pay-What-You-Can Preview: Thurs, Oct 19
  • Artist Talkback: Friday, Oct 27

Reviews — 5 Open

A M Epp

Oct. 24, 2017

11:58 AM

A fine production, as we have come to expect from PT. The play itself, however, we felt was too long for the development it offered. Many thanks–a worthwhile experience.


Oct. 24, 2017

2:01 PM

The two of us that went to see the Lonesome West were very disappointed! We had great difficulty understanding what the actors were saying. It had all the warnings in great abundance, the ‘F’ word in every sentence, the crudeness, yuck! They all spoke or yelled very loudly. As for it being a comedy, we sure didn’t think it was funny!


Oct. 30, 2017

3:47 PM

Thank you for once again putting on a highly entertaining play. We enjoyed the quick and clever dialogue and wonderful humour woven throughout. Evidently, given the many laughs we heard in the audience around us, so did most others. The acting was of a high calibre and to be commended. We were particularly impressed by the evolution as an actress of Paige Louter and her ability to take on Girleen’s character. Well done!

Maureen and Harold

Oct. 30, 2017

7:19 PM

a dark, dark comedy. My husband and I thought the 2 actors playing the brothers were exceptionally strong. We hope they get nominated (co-nominated?) for best actor in Vancouver this year. The priest was also strong.
And we were impressed with the set. It never ceases to amaze us how adept set designers are at creating a believable environment in such a small space.
Also, kudos to the director. The fight scenes were believable!

Dave Sinclair

Nov. 2, 2017

8:11 PM

Real forgiveness starts by REALLY forgiving. That’s what the production projected to me. The brothers started out with empty words…. turned into a contest. Then at the end invited each other out for a drink. Very powerful and we’ll acted play. Thanks.

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