Audience Advisories

Not every Pacific Theatre play is suitable for every audience member. Some of our shows are ideal for kids, sometimes the work is clearly intended for adults, and sometimes it is dependent upon the specific maturity of our younger audience members. We want to make it possible for you to discern which of our shows will be most suited to you and your guests.

WARNING: Audience Advisories may contain spoilers, as they provide detailed information about potentially offensive content in shows.

The Christians

This play examines the very core of faith, love, and what it means to live in community. There is no explicit language or content, but it will challenge you.

The Lonesome West

The darkest of dark comedies, The Lonesome West features people living very rough, broken lives. The story includes incredibly strong language, graphic descriptions of violence against people and animals, depictions of violence, slurs, and dark themes.

Written on the Heart

The formation of the King James Bible was a surprisingly violent and dramatic affair, but Written on the Heart does not contain explicit content. There are references to violence.

Almost, Maine

A patchwork of love, Almost, Maine features couples falling in and out love with a magical realism that will charm your socks off. It does include some strong language and same-sex romance.

Christmas Presence

Always safe for the whole family, Christmas Presence is a night of music and stories in the vein of Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe.


Ruined takes an unflinching look at the realities of Civil War in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and so contains some very challenging material. Women choose to sell their bodies in order to protect themselves from forced sexual assault, and the play includes violence, sexual violence, and incredibly strong language.

An Almost Holy Picture

This poetic and thoughtful exploration of faith and pain has no explicit content. It does examine difficult events that include tragedies that may be difficult for some to hear about.

Bar Mitzvah Boy

In Bar Mitzvah Boy, a man and his Rabbi both learn something about faith, life, and pain. There is some explicit language, drug use, and personal tragedy included in this heartfelt comedy.

Sideshow Comedy Improv

A family-friendly comedy improv show, we ensure that all Sideshow performances are free of offensive content.


There is a lot of depth to mine in the story of the friendship between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, but very little explicit content. There is one scene of sexual impropriety, and otherwise this story features stimulating explorations of faith, art, and friendship.

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