Audience Advisories

Not every Pacific Theatre play is suitable for every audience member. Some of our shows are ideal for kids, sometimes the work is clearly intended for adults, and sometimes it is dependent upon the specific maturity of our younger audience members. We want to make it possible for you to discern which of our shows will be most suited to you and your guests.

WARNING: Audience Advisories may contain spoilers, as they provide detailed information about potentially offensive content in shows.

A Good Way Out

A hard-hitting look at the realities of gang life, A Good Way Out contains very strong language. Sexual content is largely suggested though speech, but there is a brief scene that contains a coerced striptease, as well as discussions of and depictions of violence.

Trigger warnings for violence and sexual coercion.

Suitcase Stories

Maki Yi’s autobiographical tale of journeying from Korea to Canada is, by and large, free of any offensive content. There is one instance of potentially offensive language.

Christmas Presence

Always safe for the whole family, Christmas Presence is a night of music and stories in the vein of Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe.

Holy Mo! A Christmas Show!

A family-friendly Christmas show that takes a “reverently irreverent” spin on the Nativity Story. This involves a bit of a mash-up of pop culture and the traditional story, and Herod (dressed as Santa) kills a Magi and orders the death of all young boys under the age of 2. This show also questions the existence of Santa.

Corleone: A Shakespearean Godfather

As a Shakespearean telling of The Godfather, Corleone contains many references to violence (including the severing of a horse’s head and the many Shakespearean ways one could get murdered), but no on-stage violence or offensive language.

Sideshow Comedy Improv

A family-friendly comedy improv show, we ensure that all Sideshow performances are free of offensive content.

Valley Song

In Valley Song, the story of the post-apartheid generation gap, we have no offensive language or content.


A Christmas Presence-style evening of songs and stories about the life of Jesus, Testament will be free of directly offensive content. Using pop culture and a variety of source materials, some treatment of the story will be lovingly irreverent.

Outside Mullingar

This quirky romantic comedy includes several instances of language that may be offensive to Christians (taking the Lord’s name in vain).

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