2005 – 2006 Season

Main Stage

Oct. 21 — Nov. 12

The Elephant Man

by Bernard Pomerance

Witness the incapacitating deformities, the unremitting pain, the cruelly lacerating expressions of horror and disgust from all who behold him!”

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Dec. 1 — Jan. 1

The Farndale... Christmas Carol

by David McGillivray

This stalwart group of lady thespians brings ineptitude to new heights with their dizzily endearing, well-meaning assault on the Dickens Christmas classic.

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Jan. 27 — Feb. 25

The Hungry Season

by Jennifer Morison Hendrix

A missionary couple returns home from Nigeria for the first time in seven years — only to discover that their daughters no longer know them. A powerful story of faithfulness and betrayal, of clashing cultures and impossible choices.

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Mar. 15 — Apr. 9

Prodigal Son

by Shawn MacDonald

As his conservative Catholic father nears death, a gay man is shaken by bewildering religious epiphanies. Peter returns to Quebec and his estranged family seeking some connection, his world torn apart by irreconcilable conflicts and a longing for the innocent faith of his childhood.

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May 4 — Jun. 3

A Bright Particular Star

by Ron Reed

“Compelling, worthwhile, truly affecting… Rebecca deBoer is luminous in the role of Lilia.” – Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

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