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Reviews — 7 Open

Karl Petersen

Jan. 6, 2012

8:12 AM

I saw this play last year at Pacific Theatre put on by the same production group and same actors and director. It was a short run of only one or two nights, if I remember, which was unfortunate because a lot of you probably missed it. An outstanding production. The play is raw and emotional, and Lori and Alex were an dynamic combination. Very honest, truthful work. Absolutely stunning. A story of brokenness, pain and redemption if there ever was one. The redemption is wonderfully subtle and real. Look for it.

The production is a well deserved encore.I can imagine it will only be a new and improved version of the first effort. You won’t want to miss this.

Jen Neufeld

Jan. 23, 2012

4:38 PM

This show took my breath away. It was so visceral and real. No matter how elevated, sophisticated, or educated we think we are, this play reminds us that we are all made of the same human fibre. We are all broken and in need of love and forgiveness. Bravo to Lori and Aleks for their inspired performances!

Zoe Grams

Jan. 24, 2012

12:02 PM

Absolutely stunning.

“You kissed my hands,” says Danny in one particularly fraught scene, as proof of the tenderness shared between him and the play’s second protagonist, Roberta. This incredulity at a simple act of affection – and the belief of being unworthy of it – resonates throughout John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea.

Directed by Jason Goode, it follows two unhappy and formidable outcasts through a tumultuous night. Danny (Aleks Paunovic) – a brawler who may have killed a man with his blackout violence – and Roberta (Lori Triolo) – a deeply damaged mother – meet in a Bronx bar, where their cold exchanges warm into a tryst. They intimate secrets and share the ugliest version of themselves. They fumble for words to express their pain to one another, and bump from wall-to-wall of emotion, unsure what they can to do purge such internal devastation. Back in Roberta’s apartment, the two attempt to create a fairytale romantic evening, and deal with the emotional consequences of daring to reach for a happiness they don’t believe they deserve.

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Sharon Newman

Jan. 30, 2012

5:50 PM

Listening. Confession. Forgiveness. All integral steps to healing and wholeness. Bravo, Lori and Aleks!

Roscoe Robson

Jan. 31, 2012

9:53 PM

A lurid trip to the real…we hung on each sharp violent word careening out from the simplest of stagings
.Bare,as two chairs,tables and bed stare back at us,the stage glared back to me as I took my seat and dutifully hushed. offering a quick thought..”i dare you,let’s see what you’ve got !

Everything that mattered was before my eyes,no tricks of light,no curtain to hide from,just the loneliness of a play so powerful as to rip away the seats,the aisles the lights,to have me become awash in acrid cigarette smoke and stale beer,dodging punches and lurid advances,rolling along with the cheap wine sloshing about,the perfect burgundy for two lives awakened.

To you Danny and Roberta,you tore me out of my reverie,slapped a steak against my bloody eye and soaked me in theater I had thought disappeared,Bravo..Bravo !

Nancy Sweedler

Feb. 6, 2012

3:15 PM

This play was fantastic. I was very moved by the play which I knew nothing about except that two strangers were going to meet in a bar. The acting was fabulous – deep and touching. BRAVO! BRAVO! Another great play at Pacific Theatre

Jan Chadburn

Feb. 6, 2012

5:12 PM

Amazing talent! Fabulous script! Entertained every second of the nonstop 85 minute play!

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