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Reviews — 7 Open

Edward Epp

May. 7, 2013

3:10 PM

Again a wonderfully artisticaly produced view of life was chosen by Pacific Theatre for our enjoyment It was portrayed by a cast well chosen for their talented realistic acting.
Thank you
Ed Epp

Anne-Marie Epp

May. 7, 2013

3:11 PM

We thoroughly enjoyed “How to Write…” Wonderful script and excellent cast. Contrary to a recent critic, we did not find the how sermonic–it invited reflection. And emotion. And laughter. Many thanks! AME

Anna Hagan

May. 13, 2013

10:30 AM

the production was clear, thought-provoking, funny,and ultimately very moving…and the cast could not have been better…theatre like this reminds us why we need it so much.

boni Parker

May. 21, 2013

12:46 PM

It was a delightful performance,it spoke to those of us that are mothers and those of us that have mothers ! A wonderful evening Thanks

Hansel Wang

May. 21, 2013

1:54 PM

The play was well executed. The performance of the actors and the actress were superb. The audience should have no problem in identifying with the messy and frustrating details of ordinary lives in this well scripted story. The puzzle I have though is its title–”how to write a new book for the Bible.” It seems to be making a major theological claim on the nature of the Bible without substantiation. In what sense the lives portrayed in the play “sacred?” Instead of attempting to illuminate how these lives could be caught up in the bigger story of salvation as revealed in the Bible, the frustrations in life and relationships thereof are let out against “Jesus Christ”–by taking his name in vain, e.g.! The play may require a theological review for the relevance of its title.

Gale Woodward

May. 24, 2013

9:19 PM

I thought the acting was amazing but the play left me cold and confused. I did not think that it was clear or really thought provoking and wondered what the point was suppose to be. The friend that I took with me felt the same. In fact I had another friend who had attended along with his girlfriend. Both of these people are mature and thoughtful people. They both felt like the play fell short. Anyways I would call it disappointing. I am an avid supporter but my friends (the couple) looked over the 2013-2014 program and said there were only two they would attend and they were plays by Larry Shue and Lucia Frangione. I am a seasons subscriber.

Anita Thompson

May. 27, 2013

1:04 PM

I must say that with a title such as “how to write a new book for the Bible” I was not sure what Pacific Theatre was up to with this presentation. The storyline was very interesting in that it spoke to the dysfunction of families and my companion and I could see glimpses of our own family “fights” in the play itself. Pacific Theatre always has minimal props and relies wholeheartedly on the acting. The actors in this play carried it off with their dialogue as they covered a range of topics with humour, sincerity, stage presence and succeeded very highly in pulling in the audience. I have to say that almost every production I have seen at Pacific has managed to time and time again do the same thing in holding the interest of the audience.

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