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Special Showings

  • Pay-What-You-Can Preview: Thursday, Jan 24
  • The 102.7 PEAK Cruiser on site: Saturday, January 26th (matinee and evening)
  • Post-Show Artist Talkback: Friday, February 1
  • Panel Discussion: Saturday, February 9 (approx. 4:30pm)
    Featuring QMUNITY, Dignity Canada, and Lucia Frangione

Reviews — 3 Open

Caron Pell

Jan. 30, 2013

11:25 AM

Needless to say, this was an intentionally disturbing play with a brutal ending. The more I thought about the play (and I certainly did a lot of thinking), I began to conclude that the play was ultimately about sex for all the characters, in varying manifestations. After a few days, bullying, celebacy, spousal abuse, etc became secondary. I wonder if that was the intent of the author or was there just too much covered or hinted at?

While watching the play, my difficulty was in trying to determine where to focus my attention during certain parts. There was just so much going on – just as in life.

This play would make a good novel in which the various issues raised could be further developed.

Kudos to your young actress!!

Thank you for once again presenting plays that promote discussion.


Feb. 1, 2013

11:03 AM

Very good play, well acted and a witty thought provoking story line.


Feb. 5, 2013

9:09 PM

Good cast and not enough time to explore in more depth all of the issues that were raised. This would indeed require a book.
Very much the human condition portrayed.

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