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Reviews — 31 Open

Mike Mason

Mar. 10, 2014

2:08 PM

Tremendous play!

Tremendous performance!

Riveting, courageous, magnificent theatre.

BRAVO X 10!!!

Margaret Terpstra

Mar. 10, 2014

2:46 PM

We have attended many plays at PT and have enjoyed most of them!! We love PT!! We were disappointed on Sat. with the Seafarers. We found it slow moving, unnecessary bad language( The F word really didn’t have to be used THAT often.) and little boring–the whole 2.5 hours in the bar. We filled out the form for next years membership but held on to it to rethink it. Sorry!

Jan Manson

Mar. 10, 2014

4:06 PM

Well acted. I was completely mesmerized by the story. Great turn of events at the end.

Nancy B

Mar. 10, 2014

4:31 PM

The drama and intensity build steadily from a low-key start to a spectacular finish. Compelling, powerful, and ultimately redemptive. Superb performances all around. Congratulations to cast, director, and crew on such great work.

Susan Pieters

Mar. 11, 2014

12:19 AM

It was a slow start, but boy did the tension rev up just prior to the intermission. (With reference to Margaret’s comment above, I don’t mind the F-word when spiked with such a strong Irish accent. It’s just atmosphere.) The second half flew by for me, and the next day I kept thinking about who the real hero was in the play, and what hell was like, and what God really thought of human mistakes… All in all, a high-stakes soul-growing evening.


Mar. 11, 2014

1:31 PM

3, of us were very disappointed and annoyed with the play . The continual drunkeness, the excessive use of the f word- not necessay, the slowness of the first half,, and the frequent laughing at inside jokes. We felt we had to leave at half time . We are season ticket holders but wonder if we should renew.

Mary Bruce

Mar. 11, 2014

11:54 PM

The Seafarer was excellent entertainment. The acting was top notch and the story very authentic. I am a first generation Irish immigrant and I remember scenes as shown in the play. We loved the surprise ending. My husband and I are enthusing over the play to our friends.
Congratulations on an excellent choice and congratulations to the amazing actors who carried it off so well.

Karen Cooper

Mar. 17, 2014

1:28 PM

OVERALL: Good script, great acting, some bad directorial decisions. Worth seeing.
[BTW--no plot spoilers below]

Overall, I liked the show. The acting, in particular, was outstanding on all fronts. Ron was utterly convincing as a drunk and failing old man. John Innes (I hope I have the right cast member) was chilling. The other actors sketched their characters very well, too. The set and costumes worked well, though I felt the limitations of the space very strongly with Ron’s back to me for so long in the first part of the show. Given his character’s state, he couldn’t move around much more and be convincing, but it was hard.

The pacing after the intermission was a real problem for me. It need to MOVE ALONG–since the premise was already so well established, and the stakes already clear. This is, after all, a take on an old story, not something brand spanking new. While I could see an argument for slowing certain SMALL bits to increase POINTS of tension, the overall effect of slowing the action so very much, and of putting so much space between speeches was to create boredom where none needed to be, given the script. For what its worth, my husband and the friend we brought with us felt precisely the same. In case this was somehow an artefact of the specific performance, we were there on Friday, March 14 in the evening.

So, by all means go, but be prepared for a slow final act.


Mar. 17, 2014

1:33 PM

I think the play was very well done however WAY TOO LONG. About 45 min to one hour could be cut from the first half. Also I can understand the need for swearing and strong language to provide the context, however this was way over the top. Especially taking the Lord’s name in vain numerous times. If I was sitting on the side where I didn’t have to cross the stage, I may have walked out.

Ruth Rich

Mar. 17, 2014

2:50 PM

“The Seafarer” at Pacific Theatre was amazing. We attended a Thursday matinee, so there were probably 25 people in the seats. I have to say for such a small group, we were very enthusiastic. My family was caught up in the intense, dark, intimate, authenticity of the play. The set of “The Seafarer” is a perfect design, just enough off balance to make you feel slightly drunk. The music in the background starts off lovely and haunting and then gets downright heart-clenching as it peaks during one of the most compelling monologues I have ever heard. Fine acting. Peer over the shoulders of the five card players and be moved by mercy. (Lots of language but this is entirely appropriate to the story and the characters. Nothing I couldn’t handle. And there is a warning).

Dennis deGroot

Mar. 17, 2014

5:12 PM

Entirely believable! Amazing that grace can sound like the winning hand in a game of poker and when all is lost it can still be found; even the blind and stumble down drunk get to see and rejoice. Thank you.


Mar. 17, 2014

5:41 PM

The Seafarer is one of the best acted plays I have seen in recent years at PT. The language and the alcohol, though offensive, accented the depravity of the characters. The redemption theme surprisingly powerful. I expect that the acting, especially of Ron Reed, will result in a stage award of some kind.


Mar. 17, 2014

9:15 PM

I loved it!! Very thought provoking and well acted. Really makes you think about Gods grace and the repeated chances.

It is one of those plays you would either like or not like due to the language, though your website and signs at the door warn people.

Karen Cooper

Mar. 19, 2014

3:36 PM

An add-on to my former review. Again, no plot spoilers here!
I’ve been feeling like it didn’t include enough of the POSITIVES I felt about the play. The humour is phenomenal, not least BECAUSE of the dark aspects of the work–I can’t be specific without diminishing the impacts, but Dostoevsky would approve, since he believed neither tragedy nor comedy could reach its full power in the absence of the other. The ways in which the play refuses to cubby-hole the characters means that the moments of kindness and of love SHINE out through the cracks in these crusty carapaces. And the final outcome, and the ways in which it occurs, are still resonating with me.


Mar. 20, 2014

5:12 PM

Profane and profound, the Seafarer plods along at a realistic pace to unearth nuances of pain, hope, forgiveness and dread. If you want a singable good feeling Broadway play, this isn’t it. If you want to ponder deeper issues of life and death, hell and heaven and home and family, and are willing to absorb the rough raw edge of people your mother told you not to hang around with, then The Seafarer is a full rich meal of acting chops, narrative and grace by surprise. The sound direction is superb and Ron Reed is inimitable as Richard. Highly recommended if you like your artistic meat chewy.

Lynne Karey-McKenna

Mar. 22, 2014

7:44 AM

Loved it! Acting was terrific, very believable, and the story had nuances that gave you something to chew on. I took a lovely 85 year old Irish lady with me and by the intermission, through her laughter, she told me she is going straight to hell now cause she never heard so many swear words in her life. I said but you have 5 Irish drunk men, what are you going to do, they are not going to talk polite, and she said absolutely! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I highly recommend seeing this production. I would have loved to have a talk-back about it because there were interesting nuances ripe for discussion.

A. McCorquodale

Mar. 23, 2014

9:33 AM

The acting was excellent For Sure

Way too long, though

Gratuitous in so many ways

I don’t need a fairy tale story And the swearing didn’t bother me

However, I could have experienced 95 % of the content by hanging out and eavesdropping at a scuzzy bar or coffee shop in the Downtown Eastside I would not stay there, however, close to 3 hours!

None of these folks moved forward one millimetre! Even God’s intervention did nothing for them! Being saved from the Devil had zero impact It just went on and on to nowhere

Margo F.

Mar. 23, 2014

7:07 PM

Powerful and thought-provoking. Superbly acted. What an experience! Congratulations to Ron Reed and Pacific Theatre.

Sandra Grant

Mar. 24, 2014

3:19 PM

Although the acting was excellent, it was too loud – all the shouting. I also thought the acting was over-acted (exaggerated). We left during the intermission.

David Wallace

Mar. 24, 2014

3:29 PM

A really remarkable achievement that amply rewards the challenges it presents to its audience. I was struck by the spare, evocative lighting that seemed to enter the the decaying set through wounds in the walls and ceilings. The dialogue was like good, strong whiskey and the actors were as fine an ensemble as ever graced a stage in this city. I confess my admiration at the end of Act 1 was not as enthusiastic as my present perspective. I found so little to admire in any of the characters that I found myself sitting in judgment rather than allowing my curiosity and empathy to engage. I do not think this a fault in the script so much as a fault in myself. Or perhaps the structure of the script purposely risks inviting the audience to this disapprobation. I’ll confess, as well, that I thought the plot hinged on a very well worn device that risks trivializing the theme of redemption (and relies on very regrettable theology). Yet the ending compelled me to look back on the events of the day depicted and to reflect on the genuine love and compassion of these deeply flawed men. Earlier I had seen only their self-pity, their vulgarity, their neglect of family, their alcoholism – the list goes on. It was a poignant reminder of the insufficiency of my own love that I could so easily despise creatures whom God so clearly loves.

Sharon Warren

Mar. 24, 2014

3:38 PM

Awesome acting! Wonderful!
Would have appreciated more info on the storyline. It is intense! Was still deciphering 1st Act when had to lunge into Act 2 with fast action, Irish accents, nuances & angry scenes. I need to see it again. I love Pacific Theatre :-)

John Wade

Mar. 24, 2014

4:42 PM

I found the Seafarer to be a powerful experience. By the end of the first half, I heartily disliked the three main alcoholic and manipulative characters. It was dark and their lives were a shambles.
For me the mood darkened even further with the arrival of the well dressed devilish character and his drunken sidekick. However, there later emerged some redemptive behaviour, twists and the hand of God amidst the f—ing language.
Thank you. I thought that the acting was brilliant, in roles that are very tough.

Stevie Baker

Mar. 25, 2014

2:24 PM

Fantastic. I wish I had seen it earlier, so I could recommend it to more people. If you are sensitive to strong language, it may be a turn-off. . .but you will be missing out! The acting, staging, music, everything was top-notch. It is the best theatre I have seen in a few years. SUPERB.

Merlin Oldejans

Mar. 28, 2014

5:28 PM

I absolutely loved this play! Although it started off rather slowly, and I was not certain of the direction it was taking, the second half was powerful and stirring. All of the actors were fantastic!

Karl Petersen

Mar. 29, 2014

10:19 AM

If you haven’t seen this show, by the time you read this it may be too late… What a great show – right at the top of PT’s all time best. (And I’ve seen most of them since 1984.)

I know a play’s made its impact when two mornings later the first thing on my mind is a scene from the play or something a character said. I suspect more of this show will keep coming back to me.

Five beautifully drawn, wonderfully inhabited characters. Raw and vulgar, honest and lovable, all at the same time. The relationship between the two brothers, Richard and Starky, is so palpable, so complex and multi-dimensional, it felt like they were in my own house. (Oops, was that out loud? Sorry Don. We’ll talk about it later.)

The typical response might that the play moves too slowly, but watch carefully. It’s not as much about plot as about what makes these characters tick, not as much about what’s gonna happen as it is about what happened. Holy prophets and revelations!

Near the beginning of the play, when the brothers realize they’re out of coffee and can’t make an Irish coffee, Richard says something like, “Leave the coffee then, I’ll just have the Irish.” And that sort of sets the play in motion. Not a show for the Starbucks latte-laden faint of heart, or maybe it is actually. If you can hold at bay your prejudices and open your heart, you’re in for an incredible offering of not only depravity but also grace,

Shannon Pedder

Mar. 31, 2014

3:14 PM

Brilliantly done. I had read the script as part of our theatre’s play reading committee, so I was really looking forward to an opportunity to seeing these characters brought to life. And I was not disappointed.I was engaged from start to finish and enjoyed being so close (front row) as to feel I was literally ‘there’ as part of the room itself. Kudos to every actor for their heart felt and dedicated performances and to the crew for their tremendous work. And kudos to Pacific Theatre for having the courage to produce such an engaging play. It can be difficult to introduce stories with such strong, thought provoking content (and all too realistic characters) to audiences who are used to perhaps ‘lighter fare’. This was my first time at Pacific Theatre and I will be back. Thank you.

Lynda Hamer

Mar. 31, 2014

4:52 PM

This was one of the best plays that we have ever seen! The story was intriguing, riveting, and satisfying. The acting was nothing short of brilliant. Well done Pacific theater and thank you.

Jeff Pitcher

Mar. 31, 2014

5:05 PM

Wonderful choice of play with a great ‘ensemble’ cast! Well directed and beautifully acted – great team.


Mar. 31, 2014

8:34 PM

I thought it was a terrific play and extremely well presented. The Seafarers was my first contact with PT. I will be purchasing two subscriptions for the upcoming season. Looking forward to all future events.

John Bron

Mar. 31, 2014

8:34 PM

The play powerfully portrays that grace is a unassuming light in the darkest of situations. Having an all male cast was unusual and the undercurrent male humour and male relational angst was extremely well portrayed. I was emotionally touched by these actors and the story. Pardon the language, but in the Dublin vernacular of the play: it was “focking” good.

Sheryl Anne Stuart

Apr. 1, 2014

5:52 PM

I thought the whole thing was very well done from the setting up to set decor it was well thought out. The acting was very good by all the cast and they held your attention throughout the entire show. The friend I brought with me felt it was every bit as good as the bigger productions if not better. : )

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