• Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm, Saturday at 2pm
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to see The Lobby Project
  • Run Time: Approximately 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission

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Reviews — 4 Open

Roland Derksen

Nov. 25, 2013

2:26 PM

I liked parts of the show- in particular the piece on good Lutherans playing musical instruments and a look at his record collection from the past, but the actual show after the intermission left me somewhat confused. I wasn’t sure what the point of it really was. (Also, I wanted to know what the jazz pieces on the show were called).


Nov. 25, 2013

5:46 PM

Sci-fi slash post apocalyptic late night radio show that will more than tickle your smile muscles not to mention your auditory hair cells. Never too late for your soul to be saved by the arts. Brilliant DJ slash playwright slash actor. Why only 3 nights all ending at 10pm? Bravo. Encore?


Nov. 26, 2013

5:07 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed Reed’s performance, as always. In particular, his descriptions of the selected albums in his collection were most entertaining. I was disappointed that he chose not to do the David Sedaris reading in the opening, since his work are some of my favourites.


Nov. 28, 2013

1:46 PM

I went with a group of friends to see this performance
As none of are canadian born, we thought perphaps that we missed the point of this play,not being familiar with this time in canada and the music, the culture
None of us enjoy this play
we left at the intermission
I am a great fan of your theatre and see a lot of plays there during the year..
This event left a lot ot be desired

many thanks Grania

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