• Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm with 2pm matinees on Saturdays
  • Running Time: Approximately 2 hours, with 15 minute intermission

Special Showings

  • Talkback: Thursday, March 26th
  • World Theatre Day Reverse Talkback: Friday, March 27th

Reviews — 3 Open


Mar. 30, 2015

6:46 PM

It was extremely well done. I am so surprised how well it was done in terms of having the scripts in hand. It was very very wrenching in terms of the angst of the characters.

I do not think anything should be changed. Some of the angry outburst were a bit unsettling, but in light of the content of the play I could see why it was necessary.

I loved the fact that it was original. I guess I wonder how the title fits in. I am not sure who was cultivating and in what way.

Loved all of the actors and the music. It all fit really well together and the fact that Pacific is so minimalist in props that the active is always superior to anything I have seen anywhere else in the lower mainland.



Eleanor mccomb

Mar. 30, 2015

9:52 PM

We thought the play could use editing.. Some of the “sermonizing” was far too long. And thus the play was too long. Acting was good. Good commentary on churchiness


Mar. 31, 2015

2:39 PM

Thoroughly engaging and well-acted!

We see the characters coming to grips with past life events and journey toward authenticity. It’s affirming to see them risk much to live more wholly, and the synchronicities that underpin the narrative are as quirky as those in real life.

I found the play lagged only when Walker prayed, but a friend pointed out that’s the norm of the evangelical tradition. The title left me a tad puzzled, seeming to apply to parts of the play but not be applicable as a summary – or maybe that was the point?

Brava to playwright Krista Marushy! Bravo to Pacific Theatre for encouraging and staging such creativity!

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