• Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm with 2pm Saturday matinees
  • ADDED SUNDAY MATINEE: Sunday, Oct 9 at 2pm
  • Running Time: approximately 100 minutes

Special Showings

  • Subscriber Appreciation Saturday: Saturday, Sept 24
  • Artist Talkback: Friday, Sept 30
  • Theatre Club: Saturday, Oct 1

Reviews — 5 Open


Sep. 26, 2016

12:16 PM

This is as good as dramatic theatre gets! Don’t expect to come away with a song in your heart and a lightness in your steps. Plan on feeling every wrenching emotion you can imagine. This is reality for real people.


Sep. 26, 2016

12:30 PM

Great show!! Will recommend it to friends and family = )

Lorna and Michael Albanese

Sep. 27, 2016

8:57 AM

We both saw the play on saturday Sept 24th the afternoon matinee. It was very well acted and very intense. I feel all the actors were bang on with their characters that they were playing. Bravo to all of them. Would see it again. and recommmend this play. for sure.

Diane Smithson

Oct. 3, 2016

3:24 PM

I was in a group of 4 and we all thought the play was EXCELLENT! Definitely worth recommending. Wonderfully cast.

joan ferguson

Oct. 11, 2016

3:16 PM

I was very glad I saw the production.There was sadness which is a reality.I admired the acting of the actors.
I could have done with less shouting and I felt some
work might need to be done on the productionl
Great admiration from me for all the work that goes
into a show.

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