• Weds-Sat at 8pm with 2pm matinees Sat
  • ADDED SUNDAY MATINEES: 2pm May 28 & Jun 4
  • Running Time: 2 hours (including 15 minute intermission)

Special Showings

  • Talkback Performance: Friday, June 2

Reviews — 17 Open


May. 22, 2017

9:38 AM

Excellent! Very funny! I would highly recommend it!

mae runions

May. 22, 2017

11:12 AM

Thank you for Saturday evening’s great performance of Outside Mullingar!
My friend and I were blown away by this production – both the play and the acting were brilliant. (it was particularly poignant as we both have Irish heritage.)
Each of the four actors were luminescent in authenticity and interpretation.
Wishing you every future success with this production.

Eric Stephanson

May. 22, 2017

2:10 PM

We delighted in this brilliant multi-layered play, demonstrating the poignant stretch between extravagance and restraint in love, set against a backdrop of social and spiritual complexity.
Each of the actors invaded our hearts ~ excellent evening!

Denise Goodkey

May. 22, 2017

7:21 PM

I liked it a lot. I have a hearing problem so missed a lot of lines, particularly ones that the audience laughed at. I’m getting the script from VPL to fill in the blanks, and I might then go back to see it again.

H Wong

May. 23, 2017

11:55 AM

Stories of choice meaningful poignant!great acting

Anita Kilberg

May. 24, 2017

7:22 AM

Brilliant. a must see production !

Audrey Loewen

May. 30, 2017

12:05 PM

So well done, loved it. Funny and poignant. Great acting.

yvonne adalian

May. 30, 2017

12:43 PM

Wonderful evening of theatre – Patrick Shanley’s writing is always a delight, the acting was authentic and original, and the set and lighting appropriate to the mood of the piece. Go!

Susanna Houwen

May. 30, 2017

1:25 PM

This is a sweet play that both of us enjoyed greatly.

Esther Sarlo

May. 30, 2017

2:53 PM

An awesome show! We laughed. We cried. We squirmed. We celebrated. A beautifully nuanced, rich, satisfying, and completely engaging show. A must see! And bring your friends with you.


May. 30, 2017

2:57 PM

Outstanding performance. Powerful, engaging, honest acting and exquisitely managed emotional tension throughout. Irish wit provides the comic relief – very entertaining !

It was a great privilege to have a conversation with actors afterwards.

I highly recommend this show.

Rosie Perera

Jun. 5, 2017

2:56 PM

I saw “Outside Mullingar” Saturday night (June 3) and LOVED it. Great cast, excellent play, and hilarious. The audience was really engaged and it was a fun night to see it. Clever lighting producing the effect of rain. Not just a funny play, but also food for good discussion afterwards. This is the sort of theatre PT does best. I highly recommend it!

Lorraine Brown

Jun. 5, 2017

3:41 PM

Excellent performance!

Christine Yeomans

Jun. 5, 2017

4:18 PM

Without a Doubt one of the most enjoyable plays seen in awhile. Thank you for this warm engaging humorous production. Highly recommend it .

Roy K Salmond

Jun. 5, 2017

7:46 PM

Amazing script and performances by all concerned. Delightful and funny and plenty of hmmm moments to linger over long after one has left. So poignant in its distillation of the hearts nuances. Highly recommended!!

polly sams plant

Jun. 6, 2017

9:52 AM

Excellent production, and very good acting – I thoroughly enjoyed the whole play, as did the friend I was with.


James Heneghan and Lucy Scott

Jun. 6, 2017

11:56 AM

Sorry but we cannot review the play “Outside Mullingar” because it was too hard to hear the dialogue, seated as we were at the back of the theatre. It was probably a good play but your theatre didn’t give it any chance of success. The action takes place way below in a narrow pit and the sound stays down there in its grave. Your “theatre” is awful. We left at half time.

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