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Apr. 18, 2017

10:58 AM

Excellent show! My wife and I both really enjoyed it, and I got the feeling that the rest of the audience felt the same. As with “Christmas Presence”, it brought the holiday to life for us.

The musicians (and those doing the readings) were terrific. How do you find all those talented people?!

I hope you offer it again in future years – you can count on our support.

Dave & Barb

Apr. 18, 2017

11:45 AM

We attended Testament Saturday evening. What a fantastic show! The chosen readings were inspired and thought provoking. The musical performances were truly world-class. What an amazing collection of artists. We hope Testament becomes a feature on the Pacific Theater calendar. We will for sure be there!!

Pearl den Haan

Apr. 18, 2017

3:28 PM

To be honest I was disappointed. This show tried to imitate Christmas Presence too much. They are entirely different seasons. I was anticipating something that would bring me in an artful way into the presence of the mystery of the crucifixion. Frederick Buechner is a good start but there are many more authors along that line that speak profoundly into the Easter season. The readings that were chosen left me scratching my head and were not satisfying. I would very much invite Pacific Theater to give this another try. You have so much collective talent. Let the season speak to you without trying to capture the magic of Christmas Presence. Help us feel the darkness, the cracking of the cosmos, the edge of hope,
I am a wordsmith and not a musician so I can’t speak to the music.

Ryan Scramstad

Apr. 18, 2017

3:31 PM

Was the perfect show for Easter. Loved the music and the homey atmosphere.

Bev Kaiser

Apr. 19, 2017

5:25 PM

We quite enjoyed Testament. The music was terrific. The musicians excellent though I admit my favourite was Bre McDaniel – what a wonderful voice. The readings were also timely, provocative and convicting.

Thank you for working on hearing assistance. Lack of it prevents me from attending non musical performances. I might also suggest projecting the songs lyrics and spoken recitations such as we had onto the wall – like we do at church. Perhaps in a case like this add some photos of the song writers or original performers…. let your multi media people have some fun. Doesn’t have to be just talking for drama… experiment.

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